New Painting of Dusty Springfield

I just completed an acrylic paint/ballpoint ink portrait of the famous London music icon Dusty Springfield. This is painted on a cradled wood panel. The acrylic paint has been sanded down to reveal textured layers in her famous beehive and I used a blue ballpoint pen for the outlines. I think this fun portrait really captures Dusty, one of my favorite singers of all time. I did some research to try to find the actual color of her eyes before I started the painting. There are many color photos of Dusty but her eye color ranges from green to blue to brown. It’s hard to know for sure so I took creative liberty and decided on green with a hint of blue — maybe a subconscious nod to the “blue-eyed soul” genre to which she belonged.

Prints and note cards are available from my Etsy shop.

Dusty – 8×8″ acrylic/ballpoint ink on cradled wood panel – $125 – Please note the text “dusty” appears only on prints which are available from my etsy shop.

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