Seven More MBFA Note Card Designs Now Available at TPSS CO-OP!

I’m pleased to announce that our local TPSS CO-OP is now carrying 11 of my artist note cards printed from my original paintings! These 5” x 7” cards are professionally printed on high quality card stock with archival ink. Blank inside. Envelopes included.

Each card is individually signed and wrapped in a clear protective cello bag. Give as a gift or send to someone special. Four of the cards feature Takoma Park inspired paintings.

Michelle Bailey Fine Art Card Collection available at TPSS CO-OP



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“Sunset Kitty”

acrylic on canvas 8×10 in

Nothing like being snowed in to get some painting done! I put the finishing touches on this painting of a kitty basking in the last rays of a fall day. A great way to stay warm and cozy in between bouts of playing in the snow.

Here is the final (or at least close to final- sometimes I can’t decide 🙂

MBailey Sunset Kitty pip03

Here are some progress photos.

MBailey Sunset Kitty in progress

Michelle Bailey Sunset Kitty

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Channeling Motor Cat – Painting in Progress

Update: The original painting has sold. Prints and T-shirts featuring this painting have been added to the gift shop.

About this painting: A motorcycle riding cat?! If you lived in the Takoma Park/DC area in the 90s, you likely caught a glimpse of “Motor Cat,” a cool kitty happily riding on a motorcycle with her human and sporting an adorable little helmet. I’m reliving a fond memory by creating this painting of my cat Mouse riding around Sligo Creek Parkway, channeling Motor Cat. This painting is part of my growing local series.

Update 2023: Motor Cat in the news again and a new Takoma Park restaurant--Motorkat!

Link to the 1993 Washington Post article and Chicago Tribune article

Channeling Motor Cat By Michelle Bailey

Channeling Motor Cat - Finished Painting

The finished painting is on display and for sale at Artomatic in Hyattsville, MD through December 12th. (Update: This painting has sold.)

Channeling Motor Cat - by Michelle Bailey

Painting in progress.


Motor Cat T-Shirt from the 90s. Photo by Pauline Anson-Dross.

A special thanks to Motor Cat's human, J. Catman!

Artomatic Update: Channeling Motor Cat got BRASHED at Artomatic 2016!

"The Truth About Cats (And Dogs)"

Channeling Motor Cat Brash Poetry

Channeling Motor Cat Brash Poetry

Prints and T-shirts featuring this painting have been added to the gift shop.

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A new year – two new paintings 

Michelle Bailey Fine Art Painting in Progress - Swedish Cow I and II

Paintings in progress: Swedish Cow I and II

Happy new year!  Some wonderful friends  surprised  me with a Christmas gift of two large canvases, 24″x24″. Up until now I have been painting on smaller sizes, mostly 8″x10″ and even smaller cigar boxes. While looking at the canvases the day after receiving them I was trying to imagine what in the world I might paint on them. That’s when I remembered these wonderful cows that I had seen and photographed during a recent trip to Sweden. I love their expressions so I wanted to focus on their faces. I really enjoyed changing the way I typically paint-this time I’m trying a freer style, bigger brushes and dashes of vibrant accent color. The cow on the right is nearly complete and the cow on the left is just started.
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Takoma Park Street Festival, Sunday October 5, 10am-5pm

I will be a participating artist this year at the Takoma Park Street Festival and sharing a space with RAM Jewelry Designs. Please stop by and say hello!
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