New Art inspired by Google Street View at Roscoe’s Pizzeria

Last night I added 5 new works to my existing revolving exhibit at Roscoe’s Pizzeria in Takoma Park. These photos are a little dark but you can get an idea. This landscape painting is of the Skagafjardarsysla region in Iceland. I used a google street view as a reference which can be viewed by scanning the QR code below the painting. I’ve been to Iceland and took many wonderful photos but I’ve been fascinated by Bill Guffey’s Virtual Paintout project and have been wanting to try it. In gsv I chose an area of Iceland I hadn’t been to and zoomed around until I found something I could work with — Location Link. Google has designated these references for artists in the public domain. Thanks Google!

If you go to Roscoe’s be sure to check out all of the wonderful local art on display there, including the fabulous chicken icons by Marcelle Fozard.

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