Cigar Boxes – neat little boxes with a rich history in arts and crafts

Sunflower Heart Cigar Box PaintingI have been collecting cigar boxes since I was a kid, mainly for storing things. I got the idea to use them as a canvas while visiting Asheville, NC a few years ago I saw an exhibit of wonderful handmade cigar box guitars, some were painted, all of them were gorgeous. I recently came across a cache of cigar boxes while thrift storing and bought about 20 of them for $1 ea. I have painted 4 so far. I think the decorative labels add to the finished painting. I also like the idea of using found and recycled materials in creating things.

Visit the Red Dog Guitars website for an example of guitars made from cigar boxes and the Made from boxes web page at the National Cigar History Museum Exhibit for just about everything you ever wanted to know about the history of cigar boxes.

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