Channeling Motor Cat – Painting in Progress

Update: The original painting has sold. Some related items have been added to the gift shop.

If you lived in Takoma Park, MD in the 1990s, you likely caught a glimpse of Motor Cat, a cool kitty happily riding on a motorcycle with her owner and sporting an adorable little helmet. Link to WaPo article and
Chicago Tribune article

Channeling Motor Cat By Michelle Bailey

Channeling Motor Cat – Finished Painting

I’m reliving a fond memory by painting my cat Mouse riding through Sligo Creek channeling Motor Cat. The finished painting is on display and for sale at Artomatic in Hyattsville, MD through December 12th. (Update: This painting has sold.)

Channeling Motor Cat - by Michelle Bailey

Photo of Motor Cat T-Shirt from the 90s.

90s Motor Cat T-Shirt

90s Motor Cat T-Shirt courtesy of PAD

Artomatic Update: Channeling Motor Cat got BRASHED at Artomatic 2016!
“The Truth About Cats (And Dogs)”
Channeling Motor Cat Brash Poetry

Channeling Motor Cat Brash Poetry

Also Available – Channeling Motor Cat T-Shirts and prints.


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