Greetings. I'm a Washington, DC area based artist and web designer. I paint what's around me and what I love, finding both beauty and humor in my surroundings. I work with intense focus and attention to detail, spending 20 or more hours on a painting.

For most of my paintings, I'll create a collage from photos and sketches in order to visualize what I want my final painting to look like. After selecting a cigar box, art board or canvas, I use a single color—usually burnt umber—for the under painting, adding many more layers of paint until it is finished. With each painting, I learn something new about brushes, color, technique and canvas choice. I've also learned that if my easel is left unattended for even a minute, one of our adorable cats will inevitably start knocking brushes around or step on the paint palette, leaving cute little paw prints all over everything.

How to purchase original paintings, prints, and fine art gifts

If you see work on this site you are interested in, please feel free to contact me. Fine art gifts are available for purchase from my MBFA Shop.  My Etsy Shop is also an option, although the selection is limited. The Where to Find page has a comprehensive listing of retail stores, restaurants, exhibits/shows and online options.

About Michelle Bailey Fine Art

Michelle Bailey Fine Art is a part of Michelle Bailey Creative LLC which includes website design and social media services. To learn more please visit michellebaileycreative.com.

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Michelle Bailey Paintings Takoma Park MD

This animation shows the progression of the painting.
This animation shows the progression of the painting.

Cats Love Art - Bees & Blossoms by Michelle Bailey

One of my cats loves to paint!

One of my cats was my "Motor Cat" Tribute model.

Mouse a.k.a. Motor Cat looking meowvelous!


Live your pictures, Michelle.

I meant LOVE your pictures!

Thank you!

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